June 24, 2018

0.00 mi Head north on Glenbrook Dr
0.11 mi Turn right onto Leyden Rd (Traffic Monitor)
0.30 mi Turn left onto Barton Rd (Traffic Monitor)
1.88 mi Continue onto Upper Barton Rd
2.86 mi Continue onto South St
3.23 mi Slight Left onto US-5 (Traffic Monitor)
3.74 mi Turn right onto Cross Rd
4.23 mi Turn left onto River St (where road splits)
4.71 mi Turn right onto MA-10 N (primary intersection-road not labeled)
4.75 mi Head east on MA-10 N
5.99 mi Turn right onto Gill Road (after Shaw road)…becomes N Cross Rd
8.46 mi Turn right onto Main Rd (go straight all the way to Turners Falls)
13.58 mi At light, cross bridge and Continue onto Avenue A
14.10 mi Turn left onto 4th St (1 block after light)
Water & Refreshment Stop 2nd Street Baking for a snack and refreshments (corner of 4th/ & L St)
14.23 mi Turn left onto L St (at bakery corner)
14.40 mi Turn right onto 1st St
14.79 mi Continue onto Unity St (stay right, go up the hill and bear to left at top)
15.13 mi Slight right onto Turners Falls Rd
19.15 mi Turn right onto Depot Rd/Ferry Rd (turn after overpass-there is no road sign) if you pass Old Depot Gardens (on right) you’ve just missed turn
19.17 mi Continue straight to follow Ferry Rd
19.90 mi Turn left onto S Ferry Rd
20.10 mi Slight right onto Meadow Rd
22.85 mi Continue onto Falls Rd
24.53 mi Right onto MA-47 S (watch for cars coming in from left)…tight bike lane on 47
25.96 mi Turn right onto MA-116 N (cross bridge)
26.40 mi Sharp right onto River Rd (after bridge)
Water & Refreshments Stop in parking area on right under bridge Sponsored by Franklin Community Co-op
35.41 mi Turn right onto Greenfield Rd continuing across bridge to Deerfield Rd
36.68 mi Turn left (at 2nd light) onto Mill St and continue onto River St
37.46 mi Cross Route 2A and Continue onto Shelburne Rd
37.78 mi Turn right onto Woodard Rd
38.14 mi Turn left onto Colrain St
38.39 mi At the traffic circle, bear right onto Colrain Rd
39.34 mi Slight right onto Plain Rd
40.96 mi Continue straight onto Green River Rd
42.13 mi Turn right onto Eunice Williams Dr (Steep curvy downhill and then cross bridge)
42.83 mi Turn right onto Leyden Rd
42.95 mi Turn right onto Glenbrook Dr
43.03 mi Destination

Mechanical Issue?  Call Sean at 617-285-1503

Medical Issue?  Call 911

Other?  Call Roark Herron (646-326-5808)