FJBR 9 Miler

9 Mile Ride

The 9 miler is intended for the occasional recreational rider who hasn't put in a lot of miles on the bike each week but wants to likes to get out for some exercise and just have some fun.  There are some small hills in Greenfield (Barton Road) and Bernardston but when you're out there, we're confident you will rise to the challenge.

The 9 mile ride will start at 10:00.

Click Here for a link to the Ride with GPS Map and for a Turn-By-Turn cue list

FJBR 18 Miler

18 Mile Ride

The 18 mile ride is a moderate ride for the cyclist who has put some time on their bike.  It has a few hills and goes off pavement in for about a mile through some nice terrain in Gill and Bernardston.  There is one refreshment stop at Upinngil Farm at mile 10.

The 18 mile ride will start promptly at 9:30.

Click Here for a link to the Ride with GPS Map and Turn-By-Turn cue list.

FJBR 42 Miler

42 Mile Ride

The 42 mile ride is a more challenging ride with plenty of rolling hills that will take you through Bernardston, Gill, Turners Falls, Montague, Sunderland, South Deerfield, and back to Greenfield.  There is a little over 1800' of climbing.  There are rest stops at mile 10 and mile 26.

The 42 mile ride will start promptly at 8:30.

Click Here for a link to the Ride with GPS Turn-By-Turn cue list.

Stone Soup Cafe will be catering lunch so please stay and get something to eat after you ride.  The Chef, Kirsten Levitt, will undoubtedly cook up something special.  Also, we'll have plenty of liquid refreshments around to keep you properly hydrated.

Some Reminders:

Our goals are for each rider to raise $150 and each team to raise $750.  Of course, these are optional targets and we appreciate whatever funds you can raise.

All 3 rides are plenty scenic and mostly stay off main arteries, but there will be some exceptions so keep your eyes on the road as there will be potholes and other potential road obstacles to to be aware of.  Stay alert.  Also please ride single file.

Everyone riding must wear a helmet.  This is for your own protection. 

One of our sponsors, Sean at Speed and Sprockets will be set up to look after minor bike adjustments at the start and/or finish.